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Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Delegates,

At the urging of great people and influential groups across this county, I entered the race for Utah County Attorney to champion better results, more thoughtful and principled consideration of cases, and a focus on meeting the needs of the public. I ask for your vote for the Republican nomination.

I am a graduate magna cum laude from the BYU Law School, a young father, Eagle Scout, constitutional scholar, and Rotarian. I serve on Pleasant Grove's City Council and in leadership within my religious and secular communities. I am an advocate for law enforcement, and have graduated from my city's citizen police academy. And I am a staunch defender of individual rights and liberties. I am a life-long Republican who provided election law compliance work for both of Mitt Romney's campaigns for the White House. I have supplied policy, legal, and strategy advice for a leading Republican gubernatorial candidate for the most populous state in our nation. In my private law practice I have represented clients around the globe in complex, multi-jurisdictional matters with billions of dollars at stake and defended officers and directors of public companies in governmental investigations with threats of criminal sanctions.

And I am honored to be asked by so many to serve because I believe we can do a better job in Utah County with:

  1. Accountability
  2. Transparency
  3. Integrity
  4. Capability
  5. Efficiency

Read about my background and positions for more information, and please join our important cause today. Get in touch, let me know how I can serve you best in office, and help us stand up for qualifications, experience, judgment, and a healthier balance between the public and private sectors.

We need your support and your vote to improve the level of legal representation in our County.

Thank you!

Benjamin D. Stanley, Esq.

Ben Stanley
Fighting for ALL of Utah County

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