ben stanley
utah county republican party chair
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PRINCIPLES: Ben has the support and endorsement of all the recent past chairs of the Utah County Republican Party because they know the skills and temperament it takes to move the party forward and win elections, just as groups that support the constitution and those who treasure the caucus system are with Ben to see the values of our party protected and preserved.

SOLUTIONS: With a technology and legal background and deep experience leading organizations and raising funds for humanitarian, civic, and political causes, Ben has a multi-point plan to grow the party, win elections for Republican candidates, and bring in resources for our Republican Party. He has the networks of support and relationships across the state to build our brand, win back seats, and strengthen our ties to auxiliary organizations, empowering new members and ensuring the will of our delegates is achieved.

UNITY: Ben is passionate about fair, transparent procedures, building good will, and helping people achieve consensus. We have an opportunity in this election to build bridges, uniting our membership in ways that in turn enhance our enthusiasm and participation levels and grow our numbers in every category, from election victories to recruits, dollars, attendance, and more.

Please join us in electing Ben Stanley as our next Utah County Republican Party Chair.